Day 1: Pasochoa volcano 13,780 feet (4200m)

Easy hike on the first day for attitude acclimatization. Overnight in a mountain lodge.

Day 2: Rumiñahui volcano 15,489 feet (4721m)

Another acclimation ascent, this time on the volcano Rumiñahui with its spectacular view of the Cotopaxi volcano 19,347 feet (5897m). Overnight in a mountain lodge.

Day 3: Volcano Sincholagua 15,988 feet (4873m)

A climb up this rarely-visited volcano, which leads along an excellent scenic route and includes an easy scramble up the last 50 feet (15m) to the summit. Overnight in a mountain lodge.



Day 4: Cotopaxi Glacier School 16,404 feet (5000m)

Travel to Cotopaxi and a climb up to a glacier at 16,400 feet where we will train on basic climbing techniques for snow and ice, and review safety procedures before our summit on Ecuador’s second highest volcano. Overnight at the Jose Ribas Refuge Hut.

Day 5: Cotopaxi Jose Ribas Refuge Hut 15,958 feet (4864m)

Rest day before our attempt to summit Cotopaxi. Remain at the refuge hut.

Day 6: Cotopaxi Summit 19,347 feet (5897m) – Return Quito

An alpine start around midnight and climb along the “Moon’s Neck” to the summit of the most beautiful volcano on the planet – Cotopaxi. Descend and return to Quito.

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