Yasuni National Park

The Yasuni National Park is located to the east of Quito almost on the border of Peru in the Provinces of Orellana and Pastaza. It is in a triangle shaped area between the Rio Napo to the north, the Rio Curaray in the south and the Peruvian border in the east. The park is split along the Orellana and Pastaza province borders by the Rio Cononaco. It is the largest national park in Ecuador with an area of ​​over 10,000 square kilometers or 3,860 sq. miles. In 1989, the YNP with an adjoining Indian reserve and other surrounding areas were declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO – a new area of ​​over 20,000 sq. km or 7722 sq. miles. The Yasuni National Park is of global importance due to its great biodiversity.




The Yasuni National Park is home of two indigenous groups, the Tagaeri and Taromenane, both of which belong to the Huaorani ethnicity and continue to live in voluntary isolation from the rest of the world. In the agro-ecosystem, coffee, cassava, rice and sugar cane are cultivated.


The Ecuadorian Amazon is hot, humid and rainy, with daily temperatures ranging from 23oC to 26oC (73oF to 79oF). The annual precipitation is about 3000 to 4000mm (118 to 159 inches) of rain, with a constant humidity level of 85 to 95 percent. The weather patterns change during the year with relative dryness from the end of December through March. The main rainy season is from April to July, and from August to December the weather is variable.

Flora and Fauna:
The Yasuni National Park is one of the most bio diverse sites in the world – with the highest densities of amphibian, mammalian, bird and plant species concentrated in all of the vast Amazon jungle. There are 2274 tree and bush species found in this park, more than all the indigenous tree species of the United States and Canada together. There are also more than 4,000 different vascular plants species. It is home to 80 bat species, 150 amphibian and 121 reptile species, and 593 bird species have been registered, making the park one of the richest wildlife places in the world.

From Quito, the starting point for jungle tours into Yasuni NP is the city of Coca (Francisco de Orellana). You can reach the small town of Coca by an 8-hour bus ride or a short 30-minute flight from Quito. From Coca, it takes about 2-3 hours by motorized canoe on the Rio Napo to reach the different lodges and settlements.

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