Cayambe Express 6 days




Day 1: Otavalo Market – Circumnavigation Laguna Cuicocha

Visit one of the largest handicraft markets in South America and then a circumnavigation acclimation hike of the Cuicocha lagoon between 11,480 and 12,800 feet. Overnight in a mountain lodge near Otavalo.


Day 2: Volcano Fuya Fuya 13,780 feet (4200m)

Our first acclimation climb up our first peak Fuya Fuya with a beautiful view of the lagoon of Mojanda. Overnight in a mountain lodge near Otavalo.


Day 3: Volcano Imbabura 15,190 feet (4630m)

Hike and climb the extinct volcano Imbabura, which rises above Lake San Pablo. Overnight in a mountain lodge near Otavalo.

Day 4: Cayambe Glacier School 15,091 feet (4600m)

Travel to Cotopaxi and a climb up to a glacier where we will train on basic climbing techniques for snow and ice, and review safety procedures before our summit on Ecuador’s third highest volcano.  Overnight at the Ruales Oleas Berge Refuge.


Day 5: Cayambe Ruales Oleas Berge Refuge Hut 15,091 feet (4600m)

An easy day with a short climb up to 16,100 feet and rest in the afternoon before our ascent. Overnight at the refuge hut.


Day 6: Cayambe Summit 18,996 feet (5790m) – Return Quito

An alpine start around midnight and climb up the “Mountain of Light” to the summit of the fastest point on the planet rotating in space – Cayambe. Descend and return to Quito.


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