Day 1: Pasochoa volcano 13,780 feet (4200m)

A short hike on the first day for attitude acclimatization. Overnight in a mountain lodge.

Day 2: El Corazon volcano 15,718 feet (4791m)

Easy acclimation climb passing through Paramo grass and an ascent up the extinct volcano El Corazon or “The Heart.” Overnight in El Chaupi in a mountain lodge.

Day 3: Illiniza Nuevos Horizontes Hut 15,420 feet (4700m)

Travel to and ascent up (about 3 hours) to the “New Horizons” refuge hut of the two Ilinizas volcanoes. Overnight at the hut.

Day 4: Illiniza Norte Summit 16,814 feet (5125m)

We begin an early morning climb of “Tioniza” as the locals call it. The IIliniza Norte peak is perfect for getting used to physical exertion at altitude and for more acclimation. Overnight in a mountain lodge.


Day 5: Chimborazo Carrel Refuge Hut 15,748 feet (4800m)

Arrival and short hike to the higher Whymper hut at 16,404 (5000m) and return. Overnight in the Carrel hut.

Day 6: Chimborazo High Camp 17,388 feet (5300m)

Hike along the “Guargualla” route to our high camp on Chimborazo. Rest in a mountain tent.

Day 7: Chimborazo Summit  20,702 (6310m) – Return Quito

An alpine start around midnight and the climb to the furthest point from the center of the earth – Chimborazo.  Descend back to the refuge hut and return to Quito.

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